//Dj //Producer

        He was born in 1974 in Istanbul. When he was a kid, he was introduced to music by listening to the records of those years. Thanks to the music especially popular in the 1980s, his interest in music turned into passion. His education on a different major were stalled when a musical career superseded. He always dreamed of being a professional in music scene. In the 1990s ,he signed up a radio djing course.

        But his desire was to play the music in his heart to the people he would contact and have them on their feet on the dance floor. And his dream came true for Yasin Yurtsever. He started his professional career in 1994 as the first assistant DJ in one of Istanbul's top venues. He continued to work in the most important places of Istanbul nightlife after becoming experienced in the profession step by step.

        In the global world, when DJs stepped into the market of production, he needed to work on how to reach audiences without being a musician, and he started working in his own Home Studio. For him Music is life; Music in life. The answer to the questions of life is hidden in Music ....