Born on Nov. 21. 11.1968, Hakan Türkürer's continously exploring career began with the awareness of the overwhelming interest in sound technologies and electronic systems which also impelled him to study sound engineering. He made a step towards to DJing after having realized the enthusiasm to keep himself interested and challenged with music. He had his first experience with Metronom Music in DJing before performing in celebrated night clubs such as M&M, Bodrum Hadigari, Pasha, Laila, Nu Pera, Buz Ada, Nardis, Tonique & Balance. In 1996, he established Main Production-DJ Management Serving-DJ Sound Systems & Djing.

        In order to fulfill his desire of producing music and to go a step forward in Djing, he formed a band called Main Project which has been making live performances successfully in Jazz, Soul, Funk, Ethnic and House styles in reputable clubs and party stages since the beginning of 2000. His creative spirit conduced to working with well-known talents such as Önder Focan, Mercan Dede and Hüsnü Senlendirici and producing tracks to various albums; Fusion Monster-Onbesli, Mercan Dede; From Constantinopolis to Istanbul Compilation-Hos Seda, Hüsnü Senlendirici, Özgür Özberk; The Future Sound of Istanbul-House Workz Compilation, various Turkish DJs and producers; Dem-Istanbul Calling Vol.2 with Ali Sural) Power XL extra Lounge Vol. 4 - Anadolu Gecesi. Hakan Türkürer does not set any limit to his DJ performances and usually interpretes Ethnic, Jazz, Bossa, Soul, Funk, House and Tech-House styles.

        He was born in 1974 in Istanbul. When he was a kid, he was introduced to music by listening to the records of those years. Thanks to the music especially popular in the 1980s, his interest in music turned into passion. His education on a different major were stalled when a musical career superseded. He always dreamed of being a professional in music scene. In the 1990s ,he signed up a radio djing course.

        But his desire was to play the music in his heart to the people he would contact and have them on their feet on the dance floor. And his dream came true for Yasin Yurtsever. He started his professional career in 1994 as the first assistant DJ in one of Istanbul's top venues. He continued to work in the most important places of Istanbul nightlife after becoming experienced in the profession step by step.

        In the global world, when DJs stepped into the market of production, he needed to work on how to reach audiences without being a musician, and he started working in his own Home Studio. For him Music is life; Music in life. The answer to the questions of life is hidden in Music ....

        He was born in Ankara. Starting with two tape recorders, he produced different versions of tracks by manipulating cuts and staples, which his passionate lived it up in circle of friends’ private parties . His music journey began playing tape recorders in a Summer resort in 1994. While he appeared on several events in various venues in İstanbul ,he also had experience with radio Djing in Hot station fm. Since the beginning 2000 , he has evolved his humble style ranging from Disco to House and from Deep House to Tech House, making reputation as a phonemenon Dj and tonmaister in Shaman world music club. He threw hundreds of events every year from Istanbul to other cities. At the same time He also worked for TV channels as a sound engineer and tonmeister.

        Although he provided a lot of genres of music in many gigs he thinks and believes that he can only deliver his desire over and above his expectations with edm which is a must for him. With Dj friends Hakan Türkürer and Yasin Yurtsever , they wanted to triple their success especially in deep house, nu disco, ethnic and world music genres. The trio also formed their own label “Main Records” in 2017, since then, they have been producing and playing electronic music together. Their popularity has been increasing with trio’s remixes and multi taste musical visions day by day.

    Mert AKA EQZLN was born in 2002 in Istanbul, He completed his high school education by doing an internship in the clinic/polyclinic departments of hospitals. He took the exam to win the department of Anesthesia and continued his education with Anesthesia. In the last year of his university education, he completed his internship in the operating room and graduated from the university.

     EQZLN is an EDM/Trap (Bass,Brass,Hybrid,Future), Wave/Hardwave artist. In addition to being an international producer, he is an international artwork designer also designs artwork for multiple labels, including Main Records, and for those who want special orders.

     Mastering most styles, EQZLN performs more melodic techno on his sets